Learn about the effects of noise on hearing through our hearing conservation program.
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Featured Brands

Albemarle Audiology works primarily with Signia/Siemens Hearing Instruments and Westone. Signia/Siemens offers many different options. Each hearing loss has its own individuality, and we will do our best to make sure we recommend the best and most affordable hearing aid for that specific hearing loss.

Repairs and Maintenance

In most cases we can repair any hearing aid in our office. If the aid cannot be repaired in office by our staff, we can send it out to be repaired, but there will be an additional charge.

We also offer several types of customized hearing protection, including swim molds and musician earplugs.


Your Devices Are Protected

EarQ secure hearing aid warrantyAs the exclusive EarQ provider in our area, we are authorized to provide the most comprehensive warranty in the industry on all EarQ hearing aid devices. (Many of the aforementioned Signia/Siemens devices also qualify.) EarQ's Secure Warranty covers four years of service, cleanings, repairs, and adjustments.


Perfect fit every time!

HearSavers™ custom-fitted hearing protectors are made with a soft medical grade silicone.  Because they’re molded to fit each person’s ears, they fit comfortably.  Hearing protection that’s comfortable is more likely to be worn consistently.  It’s almost impossible for HearSaversTM to be worn incorrectly.  Solid HearSavers™ have an NRR of 29.

When radio communication is imperative, order HearSavers™ with a radio connector!

Advantages of customized hearing protectors:

  • Positive insertion every time.
  • Each pair has employee initials for easy identification.
  • Safety cords (detachable)
  • Carrying case
  • Excellent NRR